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6.5 94+ All Aluminum Performance Radiator - Mo Better

This is the
Champion drop-in replacement to replace the factory 1523 aluminum plastic tank radiator. Fits 1994-2002 GMT400 Trucks & SUV 6.5L Application only. This replacement radiator features all aluminum construction, direct fitment, correct hose size connections and transmission cooler connections. This radiator is universal in that it fits the early 94-96 5/16" transmission cooler line connections with an included adapter plus it directly applies to the 97 and on transmission lines with the 3/8 cooler. This construction improves transmission cooler function for both year ranges. The coolant core is an aluminum core that is tig welded to the tanks and consists of 3 rows and is 2" thick.

The standard radiator option is drop shipped from the manufacturer and comes as bare aluminum.

The coated radiator option is a superior option coated with a heat dispursant coating (improves conductivity) and provides a protective coating for harsh evironments (salt and pitting) and is shipped from local stock.
-This is the recommended solution!

This is the radiator as seen and reviewed on 65 Turbo Garage

- Specs -

1-3/4 Hose Inlet and Outlet | 2" Core Thickness | 19-5/8 Core Height | 34" Core Width |
Overall 40-5/8 Wide 20-7/8 Tall | 3/8 Flare Trans w/ 5/16 Adapter | It Just Plain Fits

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