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Marine 6.5L Diesel engine - "Peninsular"

A solid marine/automotive engine platform using the readily supportable and ease of service parts availablity 6.5L Diesel engine.

This is the engine sold for many years by Peninsular Diesel Inc. and is found in many configurations and HP levels. At present time this complete engine configuration is due to be available again but due to the transition of components to Unique Diesel will take time. Replacement Marine 6.5 longblock engines are available now if you need a replacement to use with your existing marine hardware accessory gear. Please contact us with your engine needs and and we'll work with you as best we can. Please re-visit this page for further details as they mature.

Please Note: Due to the transition of implementing Peninsular parts into our inventory lead times for components and repair parts will be delayed. Some parts are accounted for and available while others have longer lead times. You are welcome to check with us and see if we can put our hands on what you need.
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