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Marine 6.2 & 6.5 Turbo Diesel Engine Parts

Good news! The parts for the Peninsular 6.2 and 6.5 Marine engines are available through Unique Diesel. Please bare with us on this transition time of acquiring these parts and manufacturing process. Contact us to see what's available an what the lead time for acquiring the parts you need. Please understand that this is the initial news that these parts will continue, not that we're necessarily ready to handle all orders presently.

The Peninsular - 6.5 Marine Engine Manuals

Available in printed and mailed format are the original literature for
The Peninsular 6.5 Marine Engine. These manuals also apply to earlier 6.2 engines as well. There are three pieces of literature available in one purchase online. The Following resources are included in one purchase.

  • Installation Notes - Great for replacement and repair to verify engine is installed correctly in your vessel.

  • Operators Manual - Includes operating and service interval information for the engine.

  • Engine Components Manual - A VERY detailed parts and service manual consisting of 60-pages part of Peninsular numbers for repair, rebuilding, and replacement.

  • $35 + Shipping (globally)

    Please Note: Due to the transition of implementing Peninsular parts into our inventory lead times for components and repair parts will be delayed. Present ETA for parts availability is April 2018, but you're welcome to check with us and see if we can put our hands on what you need. The main obstacle is unpacking and shelving pattetized parts and components from the freight shipment to move everything.

    To answer a few frequently asked questions:

    What part numbers are you using? The same part numbers from Peninsular work with us. We have the same system. Peninsular number is our number now.

    Can you supply repair parts for existing Peninsular Engine? Yes, when we become more organized

    Will you be able to supply replacement longblock engines? Yes, marine replacement engines are available right now.

    Are the same parts suppliers available as before for components? Yes, we're working to ensure that they are, many already are on board.

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