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Press Release 2/19/2018

Unique Diesel acquires Peninsular Engines Inc. Assets.

On January 26th, 2018 the assets of Peninsular Engines Inc. were acquired by Unique Diesel in Lubbock, TX to provide continued availability of new engine assemblies, components (parts), and services to existing and new customers domestically and internationally.

Currently, all 6.2 and 6.5 Diesel engine products previously sold by Peninsular Engines are available through Unique Diesel for Marine, Automotive and others. Unique Diesel will continue to build working relationships with existing suppliers, fabricators and vendors to maintain a high standard of quality.

Pledge to Customers

Unique Diesel pledges to serve the customer's of Peninsular Engine's to the best of our abilities and more. We appreciate your patience through this transition to merge the products and services of Peninsular into Unique Diesel's business. Peninsular's customers will find confidence in that we have access to historial data on products and customer information that will help us serve you better. Also a note of importance is that we are in regular contact with the previous owner of Peninsular for advise and consulting. If you purchased a product from Peninsular and are looking for the same again, we'll strive to accomplish it.

Pledge to Vendors

Unique Diesel will strive to build relationships with all the Peninsular vendors to further help you further your investment in parts previously used by Peninsular and now by Unique Diesel. We respect the hard work and quality work you've provided for Peninsular throughout all these years and would like this to continue.

If you're seeing the notice of Peninsular's closure for the first time via this website please reach out to us and help us establish the relatioship. Know that you should keep the templates and documentation in tact from Peninsular for future use with us.

Thank you!

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