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Unique Diesel's Warranty Terms

Updated 1/15/2018

Unique Diesel provides warranty protection for many of the products and services it provides. The warranty duration and type is noted with product descriptions at the place of purchase on the website and for specific types of products here on this page. For products (merchandise) sold by Unique Diesel an exchange warranty applies whereby Unique Diesel reserves the right to replace. All warranty service requires the item be returned and in Unique Diesel possession for consideration. Replacements sent out before original is returned is not allowed. Shipping expenses are not covered under warranty services. The warranty start dates on original purchase applies to replacement items. Serialized products have a transferrable warranty. Non-serialized items require original invoice for warranty coverage.

Note: warranty on products sold only covers part, never any reimbursement for time, labor, diagnostic, etc.

Electronic Devices

Vehicle electronic or electrical components that are remanufactured by Unique Diesel are warranted for 90-Days as an exchange warranty. Electronic components sold through Unique Diesel may have a longer term of warranty through manufacturer and is not serviceable through Unique Diesel. See examples below.

Remanufactured DRAC & VSSB Modules
90-Days exchange warranty, will service one replacement through warranty duration, will test and evaluate and report findings.

Remanufactured ECM & PCM Controllers
90-Days exchange warranty, requires testing and evaluation of suspected defective product.

New Pump Mounted Drivers via PMD Bumper Cooler Assembly
1 Year exchange warranty on Flight Systems PMD's only when mounted to PMD Bumper cooler inside intended location warranted through Unique Diesel. Installation documentation required to gain warranty approval. Lifetime warranty on DTech PMD's when mounted to PMD Bumper cooler inside intended location warranted through DTech.

New Controllers
90-Days exchange warranty on controllers manufactured and or sold from other manufacturers through Unique Diesel. Some controllers are warranted longer through manufacturer, and this is serviced directly by the 3rd party.

New Wiring and Connectors
90-Days exchange warranty on electrical connections and wiring solutions (PMD Extension cables) and other products.

External Engine Components

Bolt-On and installable engine and vehicle components are Warranted through Unique Diesel for the following terms. All warranty claims must have documentation (pictures) of item in it's installed manner and be returned to Unique Diesel for evaluation.

Remanufactured Turbochargers
1 Year exchange warranty, must be evaluated to find the cause failure before warranty is offered. Unique Diesel will either repair or replace item if found to be at fault. Turbo failure due to excessive heat (damaged turbine blades) shrapnel damage or issues with lubrication system are not covered.

New Turbo Accessories
90-Days exchange warranty on turbocharger related components.

Engine Components

Components as part of an engine's longblock assembly sold individually are warranted by the following.

Remanufactured Cylinder Heads
1 year exchange warranty, documentation must be provided on installation and returned to Unique Diesel for evaluation. Heat tabs damaged or missing voids warranty. Abuse from stripped or damaged bolt holes voids warranty as well.

Remanufactured Balanced Rocker Arm Assemblies
90-Day Exchange warranty

Matched length Push Rods
90-Days Exchange warranty

Big Bolt Connecting Rods
90-Days Exchange warranty

Used Components

For all used items, a 30-Day exchange warranty applies. This is a limited warranty based on fit and function.

Engine Assemblies

New Automotive Engines
New engines sold through Unique Diesel carry no warranty unless professionally installed by Unique Diesel. New engines installed through Unique Diesel carry a 1-Year Unlimited mileage warranty.

Custom Automotive Engines Custom engines not used for racing carry no warranty unless professionally installed by Unique Diesel. Custom engines installed through Unique Diesel carry a 1-Year Unlimited mileage warranty.

New Marine Complete Engines
New complete marine engines sold through Unique Diesel carry a 1-Year from delivery parts warranty when professionally installed.

Services Rendered by Unique Diesel

For services rendered (vehicle repair) a warranty on workmanship is offered on the repair made and not to related/unrelated issues that can arise. A warranty on workmanship is to remedy and make repair, an exchange of labor only.

Things that void any above mentioned warranty

  • Items altered in any way (welding, cutting, bending etc.)
  • Tamper indicators tampered
  • Electronic devices subjected to water damage
  • No proof of purchase on non-serialized items.
  • Engine and Head Heat Tabs damaged missing

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