VIP Off-Season Purchase Voucher

During the off-season when Unique Diesel is unavailable for public customer services you can consider to use this offering to obtain temporary contact and availabily of Marine parts. The VIP service is labeled as Very Important Purchase, meaning a serious need for a component. One of the primary reasons for pausing open public availability is constant pricing inquries that are only inquiries. This service ensures you're ready to purchase.


  • For Peninsular Marine parts only (no automotive or others)
  • Must have Peninsular part numbers for items available (refer to components manual)
  • Patience, a response time of 1-week is the proposed turnaround for response.
  • Must use email communication

  • Terms

  • Purchase of this service is non-refundable
  • Most parts are available, if not in stock, a lead time will be given.
  • Availabiltiy of parts excludes obsolete 6.2L specific parts and superceeded items.
  • VIP Payment amount credited to your on purchases of $500 or more (excluding shipping).
  • Use for one part purchase or group of parts, at once only.
  • Quoted items only valid for purchase 7 calendar days from quotation.
  • Future inquires will require buying the service again.

  • VIPuchase Service - (Peninsular Marine) $125 USD

    Fill out the forms carefully, the contact portion is exceptionally important, so please check and double-check your email address, you can also provide more than one email address if in doubt and we will use both. The second blank that must be filled out is the items you need. The form is limited to 200 characters, so if you need more, just put something like "contact me for parts list needed" and I will email after purchase inquiring of what you need.

    Service Type:
    Contact Info: email address
    Subject Summary Brief (200 characters max)