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GMX Billet Upgraded Reman Customizeable Turbo

A top notch quality reman turbo replacement with a kick for your side & centermount 6.5L.

This is fully remanufactured and balanced turbocharger assembly featuring an improved billet wheel that is a lighter and more efficient for a just a little more money than a regular remanufactured turbo. Why risk a regular reman with a worn-out compressor wheel or offshore heavier cast wheel? Want the aftermarket wheel without risking destroying your own due to balance assembly issue on the truck? Contrary to popular belief you can't just swap compressor wheels on an existing turbo without affecting the balance. You also can't change the wheel without taking the turbine side apart (they don't auto-tighten like some false info out there). Just get the custom (of your choice) turbo that works! Note: Read options below before making selections.

GMX Wheel Option
Current Turbo (core)
Year Make Model

Ready to ship option of this turbo features:

  • Full Rebuild with 1 Year unlimited Mileage Warranty.
  • Hi-Speed Balance with new billet compressor wheel.
  • Basic Billet wheel is lighter, narrower hub, taller exducer.
  • Basic Billet Wheel has updated blade design and helpers.
  • Faster spool-up and more boost for same wastegate setting.
  • Lower drive pressure for boost created compared to stock.

  • Can be customized with the following wheel options:

  • UDs Billet 6x6, Tall Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-3 ONLY
  • UDs Billet 7x7, Tall Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-3 ONLY
  • Wicked W2 Latest 5x5, Tall Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-3 ONLY
  • UD Clipped 6x6, MAX Clipped Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-8
  • UD Clipped 7x7, MAX Clipped Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-8
  • Wicked W2 Clipped 5x5, MAX Clipped Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-8

  • Click for info on billet wheel issues and clipped wheels.

    PMD FSD Bumper Mounted Cooler

    This mounting system alleviates the heat related issues associated with the PMD FSD Module on the 6.5 DS4 Electronic engines in the C/K Truck Series. This is intended only for Trucks, Suburbans, Blazers, Tahoes only. This system relies upon the factory "holes in bumper" style bumper, or nostrils as some of call them. This system works so well because it puts the PMD's heat sync into the airflow system, even at idle the engine fan is pulling air through these holes in the bumper and across the cooler.

    This sytem comes complete with the bracket for the inner bumper, the cooler heat sync, a 6-foot extension cable to get to the bumper, and the PMD of your choice. We only use the Flight Systems PMD modules or the D-Tech PMD modules. We never supply or recommend the Chinese built Dorman unit or the cheap knock-off PMDs sold from China that are stolen from Dorman. The Dorman and the like modules are dangerosly unreliable and lead to a serious runaway condition.

    Choose the PMD system you would like. We would like to recommend the Number 5 calibration resistor as this is the safest, most reliable calibration and what most of the pumps are calibrated for.

    PMD Option
    Resistor Value

    * This bracket and cooler is specifically designed to maximize heat dispursal when mounted in the bumper assembly. Only designed to work with factory designed bumper assembly.

    Holset Turbo Compressor Outlet Flange Adapter 2.5" hose

    This is the Patent Pending Holset Compressor Adapter flange that fits the majority of the HX series turbos and many other turbos with this specific o-ring flange. This adapter takes for example an HX35 turbo and easily adapts this to a hose size adaptable to any configuration. The hose size is 2.5" slip on hose with proper barb that won't blow off when use with proper T-Bolt Clamps. This adapter comes with the correct o-ring and sized V-Band T-Bolt clamp for the flanges. This is the complete kit. The adapter can be used for 6.5 Turbo applications seeking a Holset Turbo conversion. This is a universal part that will work for any application using a Holset turbo, HX25, HX35, HX40, H1C, WH1C, etc.

    Why grind or cut off or weld on another flange on your Holset turbo when you can just adapt it? This makes turbo changes and compressor upgrades much simplier when your turbo can be universal instead of one-off adapted to your application.

    Holset Adapter & S300 ($70 USD)

    6.5 Turbo Diesel Intake/Intercooler Adapter

    This is the ever-versatile 6.5L Intake Manifold adapter that bolts to the factory Non-EGR turbo intake manifold. This adapter is commonly used to reverse the path of flow from the passenger's side to the driver's side into the intake manifold. This adapter is also useful with aftermarket turbo offerings where you'd normally have to cut and hack the factory intake. Just replace it with this and plumb the turbo with standard intercooler tubing etc. This adapter adapts the 6-bolt flange on the intake to a 3" slip hose with barb. This is perfect for Hanging Air to Air Intercooler setups. Adapter has boss material for drilling and tapping ports for Air Intake Temp and for MAP Sensor, but this has to be done by the end user.

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    Misc parts 6.2-6.5L

    Unique Diesel has a big stock pile of used and new parts for these engines. If we don't have it we can source it, although we're not that competitive on pricing in this scenario. Need a part, contact us and find out if we have it and how much.

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