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6.2-6.5 Big Bolt Rods

Ever wanted a true upgraded fastener for your 6.2 or 6.5 connecting rods for your build? The rods on stock engines use a 10mm fastener that's specific to the 6.2/6.5 and there isn't an aftermarket stronger offering replacement bolt for this stock size. Given the shear weigh of the rods and piston assemblies it makes sense to have a stronger ARP fastener on the big end of these rods, and a larger fastener to boot. Step up to these modified Unique Diesel Rods. These rods utilize a 7/16" Fastener to withstand the force, these aren't going to stretch out of specification. These rods come as as set of 8 fully reconditioned. Matched weight, length (by pin busing boring), and correctly sized big end.

$1450.00, exchange (core charge applies)

6.2 6.5 Balanced Rocker arm assemblies

Smooth and Strong! These are the same rocker arm assembles that get installed in all of Unique Diesel's personal builds whether street or strip. We take lots of core rocker arms and build "balanced" rocker arms that all have the same geometry. The faces of the tips that contact the valve stems are lightly faced then the fulcrum of the rocker arm is measured on a jig for overall wear compared to a known good new GM rocker arm. These rockers enable a smooth an even valvetrain. The final modification is to eliminate the slightly known weak point of the nylon retainers with a retainer modification.

$415.00 per engine set; Exchange.

Misc parts 6.2-6.5L

Unique Diesel has a big stock pile of parts for these engines. Need a part, contact us and find out if we have it and how much.

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