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Reman Performance Factory GMX Billet 6.5 Turbocharger

A top notch quality reman turbo replacement with a kick for your side & centermount 6.5L

This is fully remanufactured and balanced turbocharger assembly featuring an improved billet wheel that is a lighter and more efficient for a just a little more money than a regular remanufactured turbo. Why risk a regular reman with a worn-out compressor wheel or offshore heavier cast wheel? Want the aftermarket wheel without risking destroying your own due to incorrect installation on the truck? Contrary to popular belief you can't just swap compressor wheels on an existing turbo without affecting the balance. You also can't change the wheel without taking the turbine side apart (they don't auto-tighten like some false info out there). Just get the custom (of your choice) turbo that works! Note: Read options below before making selections.

GMX Wheel Option
Current Turbo (core)
Year Make Model

Ready to ship option of this turbo features:

  • Full Rebuild with 1 Year unlimited Mileage Warranty.
  • Hi-Speed Balance with new billet compressor wheel.
  • Basic Billet wheel is lighter, narrower hub, taller exducer.
  • Basic Billet Wheel has updated blade design and helpers.
  • Faster spool-up and more boost for same wastegate setting.
  • Lower drive pressure for boost created compared to stock.

  • Can be customized with the following wheel options:

  • UDs Billet 6x6, Tall Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-3 ONLY
  • UDs Billet 7x7, Tall Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-3 ONLY
  • Wicked W2 Latest 5x5, Tall Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-3 ONLY
  • UD Clipped 6x6, MAX Clipped Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-8
  • UD Clipped 7x7, MAX Clipped Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-8
  • Wicked W2 Clipped 5x5, MAX Clipped Inducer, Extended Tip, GM1-8

  • CORE and Exchange - Like for Like

    At Checkout you will be charged a $200.00 refundable core charge that will appear as "Handling". A like for like core must be received within 30 days of the receipt of your replacement turbo with all components present. Core turbos received will be graded, partial core returns based on condition. Wastegates must be present, if you have a turbomaster just note that replacement turbo doesn't need a wastegate on order.

    We strongly recommend that you send your turbo in for service as this is the best way to avoid most core charges and expenses. Turnaround is less than 2 weeks on all orders.

    GM4-8 Issues with UD Billet 6x6, 7x7 and Wicked W2?

    Yes, the compressor inducer wheel sticks out of the inlet throat of the compressor cover on late GM4 and up GMX Turbos (GM4-8), which may negatively affect performance and increases the noise the turbo makes and isn't recommended by UD. See Pictures below illustrating the issues. Note: UD Basic Billet turbo wheel does not have this problem.

    Not Recommended (NR) But Doable and Selectable at customer request:
  • UDs Billet 6x6, Tall Inducer, Extended Tip, GM4-8
  • UDs Billet 7x7, Tall Inducer, Extended Tip, GM4-8
  • Wicked W2 Latest 5x5, Tall Inducer, Extended Tip, GM4-8

  • What's this "Clipped" Stuff all about?

    Basically we take the compressor wheel and machine down the inducer of the blade to a specific specification and height. Then we balance the wheel itself then the assembly for the turbocharger being built. We feel that this is a better option to reduce noise harmonics and maintain or improve airflow suction for the intake of the compressor's inducer blades. While this is speculation, we suspect it's correct. This does change the ratio between the inducer blades and helper blades. This will continue to be tested and we welcome user feedback.

    Below is an illustration of the clipped wheel:

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