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Holset Turbo Compressor Outlet Flange Adapter 2.5" hose

This is the Patent Pending Holset Compressor Adapter flange that fits the majority of the HX series turbos and many other turbos with this specific o-ring flange. This adapter takes for example an HX35 turbo and easily adapts this to a hose size adaptable to any configuration. The hose size is 2.5" slip on hose with proper barb that won't blow off when use with proper T-Bolt Clamps. This adapter comes with the correct o-ring and sized V-Band T-Bolt clamp for the flanges. This is the complete kit. The adapter can be used for 6.5 Turbo applications seeking a Holset Turbo conversion. This is a universal part that will work for any application using a Holset turbo, HX25, HX35, HX40, H1C, WH1C, etc.

What's Included:

  • Holset Compressor Adapter
  • V-Band Clamp Turbo/Adapter
  • Hi-Temp Silicone O-Ring

  • For Example (Not Included):

    2.5" Hose and T-Bolt Clamp
    sold separately. Pictured for
    reference purposes only.

    Why grind or cut off or weld on another flange on your Holset turbo when you can just adapt it? This makes turbo changes and compressor upgrades much simplier when your turbo can be universal instead of one-off adapted to your application.

    Holset Adapter & S300 ($70 USD)

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