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6.5 Intake Manifold Hose Adapter for Intercooler and Turbos

This is the ever-versatile 6.5L Intake Manifold adapter that bolts to the factory Non-EGR turbo intake manifold. This adapter is commonly used to reverse the path of flow from the passenger's side to the driver's side into the intake manifold. This adapter is also useful with aftermarket turbo offerings where you'd normally have to cut and hack the factory intake. Just replace it with this and plumb the turbo with standard intercooler tubing etc. This adapter adapts the 6-bolt flange on the intake to a 3" slip hose with barb. This is perfect for Hanging Air to Air Intercooler setups.

Choose Below for the options you'd like. The intake adapter is shipped bare by default but if you'd like the bolts and a gasket to go with the adapter, select that as an option below.

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