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Invoice Purchasing Instruction and Guidelines

Presently to handle purchases with Credit Cards from customers of many distances away from our local location we have elected to use the following system. Due to limited time and resources to answer all phone calls which could typically be used to field taking Credit Card information and processign a transaction we have elected to use an email system. Most communication in negotiation for components will be handled electronically in writing via email and we have three forms of payment menthods to handle this.

Transactions Less than < $1,500 total USD -- Paypal Invoicing

For small parts and component purchase Paypal Invoicing will be used. This system allows us to send you an email invoice that will come from with checkout instructions. This is a secure standard way of processing credit cards that cannot be swiped via a card reader and gives you the option if you have a Paypal account to use that instead. This option accepts either Paypal or Just a Credit Card with no account to use or create. With this method Unique Diesel doesn't see your credit card numbers or any of those details. We just get a payment and shipping information. Please see below for instructions on checking out with Paypal for first time users seeing this system.

Transactions More than > $1,500 total USD -- Certified Check

We accept Certified Bank Checks for all invoices, please note that this will take 2-weeks to clear before items can be shipped. Use this method when you have time to mail a check and wait for us to deposit and release the shipment. International (Non USA) customers may mail checks as well for merchandise knowing that this is a slow process in receiving the check. Email us for the mailing address to send checks.

Transactions More Than > $1,500 total USD -- Wire Transfer OR ACH (Bill Pay).

We accept Wire Transfers and ACH (Bill Pay in the USA only) payments for all invoices. This is great for larger purchases. Wire transfers are the preferred payment method when customers are purchasing from outside of the USA. Wire Transfers must be for items totaling (without shipping) $350.00 minimum order. To use wire transfer email us with whether you need Doestic or International Wire instructions. Same instructions will work for ACH Transfers within the USA.

Paypal Invoice Payment - How To Use

Paypal invoicing involves the following basic steps that you'll see as the customer.

✔ Email From Paypal
✔ Follow link in email for
View and Pay Invoice
✔ View Invoice and click the
Pay Button
✔ Select
Log In (to use Paypal) OR Pay With Debit or Credit Card (Grey Button)
✔ Fill in Credit Card Info and Shipping/Billing Info and click
Pay Now
✔ Get a confirmation (receipt) email from Paypal.

See the steps illustrated below:

Email From Paypal with Link

View Invoice details and click Pay $ button.

Select how you want to checkout. Using Paypal or Just Credit Debit Card.

Select your Country, then provide billing and shipping information.

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