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Marine 6.2 & 6.5 Turbo Diesel Engine Parts

Good news! The parts for the Peninsular 6.2 and 6.5 Marine engines are available through Unique Diesel.

Please Note: Ordering parts is presently handled via contacting us with the email contact form. We are in the process of creating an online store where most parts will be available for purchase. Coming soon! For now, it's a manual process.

Please Consider: When considering the purchase of replacement parts for your Peninsular engine that purchasing from the original manufactuer (which is now Unique Diesel) does several things. 1) This ensures the component matches your engine in both quality and fitment. 2) Supports this business so that it can continue to provide the many proprietary parts and services available no where else.

The Peninsular - 6.5 Marine Engine Manuals

Available in printed and mailed format are the original literature for
The Peninsular 6.5 Marine Engine. These manuals also apply to earlier 6.2 engines as well. There are three pieces of literature available in one purchase online. The Following resources are included in one purchase.

  • Installation Notes - Great for replacement and repair to verify engine is installed correctly in your vessel.

  • Operators Manual - Includes operating and service interval information for the engine.

  • Engine Components Manual - A VERY detailed parts and service manual consisting of 60-pages part of Peninsular numbers for repair, rebuilding, and replacement.

  • $45 + Shipping (globally)
    Sold Out - 7/12/19

    Recomendation for Ordering Parts

    All marine engine part requests should be requested directly via Part Number. General requests for a part like "Exhaust Manifold Gasket" for example are difficult to fulfill. We request that the correct part number for the exact component you are in need of be provided. This information is in the Engine Components Manual that is distributed with every engine sold. If this manual is not present on your vessel you will need to purchase the manual set listed above. This is simply to limit the wrong part being sold and shipped. You are welcome to ask questions about a part number identification from the manual where an option exists.


    Part #112 in Red in the components manual translates to Part Number 2338601 with description of "Heat Exchanger Fill Cap" which is not a standard automotive pressure cap.

    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    What part numbers are you using? The same part numbers from Peninsular work with us. We have the same system. Peninsular number is our number now.

    Can you supply repair parts for existing Peninsular Engine? Yes, right now.

    Will you be able to supply replacement longblock engines? Yes, marine replacement engines are available right now.

    Are the same parts suppliers available as before for components? Yes, we're working to ensure that they are, many already are on board.

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