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Just a few things that have been keeping me ever so busy

Shop project: Just a few snips, but taking a 40x90 shop apart to insulate, the hard way (no spray foam here). The end result will be two rooms, one 20x40 build room and the other 40x70 work area. It's being insulated for obvious reasons, primarily for future climate control. 1/15/2018, project completion, lol, around 75%

This will make it rain, take off a roof!

Working my way around the shop (door to the left is now omitted), good riddance.

Insulation Interior wall Build Room

Re-Sheated, what a pita, worth it in the end.

Bracket for Bard Unit made hung, holes cut

2-Ton with heat Pump, lowsy unit.

F96PG17 (Power Groove) VHO Fluorescents, I like lighting too.

Not enough time to even open my mystery box toy

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